Descriptions and information for the main types of film poster to look out for on our website.

One-sheet                                                                                  US one-sheet poster

One-sheets are the standard American movie poster size, what you would see displayed outside of cinemas in the US and sometimes in the UK too. Most of the film posters we sell are US one-sheets and this continues to be the most widely collected movie poster type. From 1896 until approximately 1990, almost all actual cinema-used one-sheets measured 27" x 41" (68.6 cm x 104.1 cm).

Nowadays most measure 27" x 40" (68.6 cm x 101.6 cm). Up until about 1980 the vast majority of one-sheets were folded twice horizontally and once vertically (this is in no way considered a defect). Sometime during the late '70s, studios began printing one-sheets rolled. Most one-sheets after the mid-1980s are printed unfolded, though it is still possible to find some newer posters folded. All of the one-sheets being sold by Flicks Film Posters are original, vintage, cinema-used one-sheets.

Half-sheet                                                                                  US one-sheet poster

Half-sheet film posters measure 22" x 28" (55.8 cm x 71.1 cm), display horizontally, and are printed on heavy card stock, the same as inserts, and similar to that of lobby cards. They are often folded twice immediately after printing, and this is in no way considered a defect. Most movies have two different 'A' and 'B' styles of half-sheets. One is usually the same image as the title lobby card. The other is normally unique to the half-sheet size and  appears on no other size of movie poster for that film.

Insert                                                                                        US one-sheet poster

Inserts measure 14" x 36"
(35.5 cm x 91.5 cm), and are printed on heavy card stock, the same as half-sheets, and similar to that of lobby cards. They are often folded twice immediately after printing, and this is in no way considered a defect. Insert posters look great framed and their size and vertical layout make them ideal for placing 2, 3 or 4 adjacent to each other on a wall.

Belgian posters                                                                           Belgian film posters

Most Belgian film posters measure roughly 14" x 22" (53.4cm x 35.5cm),  similar to a US window card. There are other Belgian sizes, but they turn up infrequently. Belgian posters often have a blank area at the top, which is usually filled-in with cinema play dates (sometimes there is a paper snipe attached). Most original Belgian posters have a tax stamp actually glued to the poster.

It is also worth knowing that there are many reprints of Belgian movie posters in circulation. The reprints look very similar to originals, but are on newer, often glossier paper, and often have "Printed in Belgium" at the bottom in English as opposed to "Imprime En Belgique" which is written at the bottom of authentic Belgian posters (apparently many of the reprints are actually printed in Belgium, although it happened in the 1980s and 1990s). Flicks Film Posters only sells original, vintage Belgian film posters. Belgian posters also look great framed and often feature superb artwork and vivid colours.

British Quad posters                                                                     UK quad poster British film poster

The standard British movie poster, these display horizontally and measure 40" x 30" (102cm x 76cm). The art on Quad posters is almost always different to that used on  US posters, which makes them very collectable. In fact, as a general rule, 'country of origin' movie posters are normally more highly prized amongst collectors.

Other poster types                                                         Australian Daybill poster  German one-sheet  Japanese movie posters  French film posters grand affiche one panel

We occasionally also sell other types of poster from around the world, such as
Australian Daybills, German One-Sheets, Japanese posters, and French posters. Full description and condition details for each poster can be accessed through the Online Shop or via our A-Z Poster Galleries.